Our Research & Development team has succeeded in developing an Anion sanitary pad with better dissemination of negative ions which leads to higher anti-bacterial function.

In order to improve women’s ability to protect themselves from unwanted diseases, the sanitary pad is embedded with an anion chip with far infrared ray function. This will prevent anaerobic bacteria from being reproduced, and allow bio-enzyme to grow more increasingly. Besides, the anion- chip also regulates acidic vaginal secretions.

In addition, to prevent various diseases and vaginal itching, strontium ferrite is added to the anion-chip. It is bio-magnetic and activates the body’s bio-currents.

In comparison to the traditional fibre or rough cotton surface, the Anion sanitary surface is made from softer, thinner and more comfortable sterilized cotton.

Unlike most traditional sanitary pads that do not take into account the danger of bacteria multiplication and gynecological diseases, the base of  Anion sanitary napkins is permeable to air but not to water. This is in contrast to the water and air impermeable plastic base of the former.

On top of that, the surface’s absorption of fluid is three times greater than that of a traditional sanitary napkin. This is possible because there is sufficient hydro gel (from Japan) to hold the fluid in instead of letting it back flow or leak from its sides.

Inside the cotton setting is an anion strip. When used, this strip emits high density of anions, a process called anion neutralization. In this process, the oxygen released could suppress the major cause of gynecological diseases. As it is chemical free, it does not raise the acidity level of the vagina, with its average ph reading between 4.0 and 5.5.

Aluminum foil is the material used in the packing of Anion sanitary napkins as it is safe and hygienic. Compared to other materials, it can be reused, and the seal is easy to pull.  This makes it safe and protects it from dampness, mildew and fungus. At the production line, every piece of napkin is packed and sealed using a machine to ensure that it is free from secondary pollution.

Industrial glue is used for most of the traditional sanitary napkin’s base. Although its glutinosity is reliable, it leaves behind residual benzene inside the underwear.  This residue can cause diseases and endanger the user’s health. But the glue used on Anion sanitary napkin is edible glue and it is non-toxic.

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